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Tech Guru Psychology
Course & Certification
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  • 100% Online
  • Certification Included
  • 8 Weekly Lessons
  • 60 Days to Complete
"I love this Social Media Marketing course. The instructors are very knowledgeable and make learning easy and fun."
Katie JohnsonStudent
"This course provides a great foundation for understanding how Social Media Marketing works. I'm using the strategies, skills and tactics taught in my own business."
Brandon HoytBusiness Owner
What's Included In The Course
Tech Gurus are definitely smart, but they all posses something beyond mere intelligence. In reality it is their PSYCHOLOGY that gives them the ability to "run the world." We dive into their mindsets to learn the in's and out's of building something that the entire population absolutely craves, permanently alters the universe, and makes them very wealthy. In doing so we provide specific take-a-ways to become more like your favorite Tech Gurus.

Each week we will cover 1 or more Tech Guru's Psychology:

  • Week/Lesson 1: Steve Jobs - Apple
  • Week/Lesson 2: Bill Gates - Microsoft
  • Week/Lesson 3: Larry Page & Sergey Brin - Google
  • Week/Lesson 4: Elon Musk - SpaceX/Tesla
  • Week/Lesson 5: Mark Zucherburg - Facebook
  • Week/Lesson 6: Mark Cuban - Audionet/
  • Week/Lesson 7: Jack Ma - Alibaba
  • Week/Lesson 8: Jeff Bezos - Amazon

Some to the topics will include:

  • Childhood experiences that shaped who they are today
  • The motivation that has driven them to success
  • Perspectives on how tech startups should grow
  • Cut-throat business tactics
  • Where they are headed now
  • and much more

NOTE: This information is a general overview of coursework and materials. Classes at Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute are on a track of continual improvement to better suit student needs. The actual course material & requirements may change at anytime due to the discretion of instructors.

We provide step-by-step videos, tutorials, and hands-on assignments or quizzes in everyone of our 8 Weekly Lessons to make learning easy and fun.
The course is designed to be completed in 60 days. However, you will given up to 1 year to complete it. We realize you are busy and therefore we give you the flexibility to take longer than the suggested 60 days. (There is a minimum of 60 days required).
We provide you with "Optional" Quizzes to measure your current understanding. The quizzes are NOT required unless you want full certification. We definitely recommend you complete all of the quizzes for your learning benefit as well as the included certification valued at $97.
We teach real "down-to-earth" techniques to help you understand and grasp the foundations of a Tech Guru Psychology.
Level 3 Certified Pro Tutors
All of our Tech Guru Psychology tutors are Level 3 Certified to ensure you are getting the best support to help you excel.
You've got questions and we have answers. Our Level Three Certified Tutors are here to help you with questions about any of the Tech Guru Psychology modules, techniques, and skills.
Ask for constructive feedback and advice from our Level 3 Certified Tutors and fellow students. You aren't in this alone. Mastering Tech Guru Psychology is a team process.
What Do I Need To Begin?
No prerequisites or prior experience/education is needed to enroll in this course. We only require a desire to understand Tech Guru Psychology.
As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with access to the internet you will be fine.
Certification Included ($97 Value)
Certification is included with this course at no extra charge ($97 value). You will need to complete the course and any other requirements before full certification is granted.
You can hang your Certificate Diploma on the wall or bring it for job interviews for higher credibility. Meeting all the requirements for a certificate diploma helps ensure Tech Guru Psychology standards are being met.
Certification sets you apart from other candidates when applying for jobs. In addition, it also helps build a better foundation if you decide to create your very own Tech Startup company.
Included Bonuses
Social Media Marketing Certificate
Bonus #1 is Tech Guru Psychology Certification at no additional cost. This is a $97 value. (Note: you complete all course requirements to receive certification).
Take your digital Flashcards with you "On The Go" so you can stay up-to-date on the latest in Tech Startups. You can view them on your smartphone, tablet, computer or other device.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can beginners take this course?
Yes. Although it is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students may also find this course very interesting & beneficial.

Is certification required?
No. However, we highly recommend it–especially if you’re planning on launching a Tech Startup for an employer or for yourself. Plus the included certification is a $97 Value.

Do I need any special equipment?
The only required equipment is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

Do I need special computer skills?
Only basic computer skills. If you can turn on a computer & check email you should be okay.

Do I have to attend classes in person?
All classes, lectures, videos, tutorials, texts, & tutoring are online. This saves you time, money, and travel.
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