Tech International Business
15 Course Bundle & Certification
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  • Certification Included
  • 15 Course Bundle
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  • 160 Hours to Complete
What's Included In The Course
This 15 course bundle is designed to help you easily learn all of the techniques, strategies, tactics and knowledge you'll need to know in order to excel in Tech International Business. We know what it is like to learn something new and have tailored every step to make it easy, fun, and engaging.

Course 1: Tech International Business Foundations

  • What Is Tech International Business?
  • Who Is Interested in Tech International Business?
  • What Forms Do Tech International Businesses Take?
  • The Globalization Debate
  • Ethics and International Business
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 2: Tech International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

  • What Is International Trade Theory?
  • Political and Legal Factors That Impact International Trade
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Tips in Your Entrepreneurial Walkabout Toolkit
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 3: Tech Culture and Business Technology

  • What Is Tech Culture, Anyhow? Values, Customs, and Language
  • What Are the Key Methods Used to Describe Cultures?
  • Understanding How Culture Impacts Local Business Practices
  • Tech Global Business Ethics
  • Tips in Your Entrepreneurial Walkabout Toolkit
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 4: Technology & World Economies

  • Classifying World Economies
  • Understanding the Developed World
  • Developing World
  • Emerging Markets
  • Tips in Your Entrepreneurial Walkabout Toolkit
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 5: Global and Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration

  • International Economic Cooperation among Nations
  • Regional Economic Integration
  • The United Nations and the Impact on Trade
  • End-of-Course Questions and Exercises

Course 6: International Monetary System

  • Course Introduction
  • What Is the International Monetary System?
  • What Is the Role of the IMF and the World Bank?
  • Understanding How International Monetary Policy, the IMF, and the World Bank Impact Business Practices
  • Tips in Your Entrepreneurial Walkabout Toolkit
  • Questions and Exercises

Course 7: Foreign Exchange and the Global Capital Markets

  • What Do We Mean by Currency and Foreign Exchange?
  • Understanding International Capital Markets
  • Venture Capital and the Global Capital Markets
  • Tips in Your Entrepreneurial Walkabout Toolkit
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 8: International Expansion and Global Market Opportunity Assessment

  • Global Strategic Choices
  • PESTEL, Globalization, and Importing
  • International-Expansion Entry Modes
  • CAGE Analysis
  • Scenario Planning and Analysis
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 9: Exporting, Importing, and Global Sourcing

  • What is Importing and Exporting?
  • Countertrade
  • Global Sourcing and Its Role in Business
  • Managing Export and Import
  • What Options Do Companies Have for Export and Import Financing?
  • Tips in Your Walkabout Toolkit
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 10: Tech Strategy and International Business

  • Business and Corporate Strategy
  • Generic Strategies
  • International Strategy
  • The Five Elements of Strategy
  • Managing the International Business with the P-O-L-C Framework
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 11: Global Tech Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship
  • What Do Entrepreneurs Do?
  • Business Entrepreneurship across Borders
  • From Entrepreneurship to Born-Global Firms
  • From Entrepreneurship to Intrapreneurship
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 12: Winning through Effective, Global Talent Management

  • The Changing Role of Strategic Human Resources Management in International Business
  • The Global War for Talent
  • Effective Selection and Placement Strategies
  • The Roles of Pay Structure and Pay for Performance
  • Tying It All Together—Using the HRM Balanced Scorecard to Gauge and Manage Human Capital, Including Your Own
  • Tips in Your Walkabout Toolkit
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 13: Harnessing the Engine of Global Tech Innovation

  • An Introduction to Research and Development (R&D)
  • Intellectual Property Rights around the Globe
  • How to Organize and Where to Locate Research and Development Activities
  • Increasing Speed and Effectiveness of International Innovation
  • Innovation for the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 14: Competing Effectively through Global Tech Marketing, Distribution, and Supply-Chain Management

  • Fundamentals of Tech Global Marketing
  • Critical Decision Points in Global Marketing
  • Standardized or Customized Products
  • Technology, Global Sourcing and Distribution
  • Global Production and Supply-Chain Management
  • Course Questions and Exercises

Course 15: Understanding the Roles of Finance and Accounting in Global Competitive Advantage

  • International Accounting Standards
  • Accounting in Tech International Business
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Financial Management in International Business
  • Global Money Management: Moving Money across Borders
  • Course Questions and Exercises
We provide step-by-step videos, tutorials, stratagies and hands-on activities in every one of our 15 courses to make learning easy and fun. Other courses only give you reading material and too much technical jargon that can be difficult to understand.
You'll learn critical insight from interviews and articles written about some of the top tech businesses innovators and founders like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, the late Steve Jobs, Jack Ma and so forth.
You can complete the course on your own schedule. One course is unlocked each week for a total of 15 weeks. However you are allowed to complete it in a longer period of time if needed.
We provide you with "Optional" Quizzes to measure your current skill level so you can improve. The quizzes are NOT required unless you want to receive full certification. (You might as well since certification is currently free of charge).
Level 3 Certified Pro Tutors
All of our Tech International Business tutors are Level 3 Certified to ensure you are getting the best support to help you excel.
You've got questions and we have answers. Our Level Three Certified Tech International Business Tutors are here to help you with any questions about any of the 15 courses.
What Do I Need To Begin?
No prerequisites or prior experience or education is needed to enroll in this course. We only require the desire and dedication to learn about Tech International Business.
This course is designed for beginner and intermediate individuals. We understand that learning Tech International Business can be an intimidating process... that's why we organized the 15 courses so beginners can begin with the "absolute basics" and work their way up while more experienced individuals are able to skip the basics and focus on the advanced materials.
As long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with access to the internet you will be fine. 
Certification Included ($297 Value)
Certification is included with this course at no extra charge ($297 value). You will need to complete all 15 courses and any other requirements before full certification is granted.
You can hang your Certificate on the wall in your office or add it to your resume for higher credibility. Meeting all the requirements for a certificate diploma helps ensure Tech International Business industry standards are being met.
Certification sets you apart from other Tech International Business individuals so you can be in higher demand for top paying positions, freelance work, etc. You can also use all the materials you will learn to start or grow your own tech business.
Launch Your Tech International Business Career Today!
Learning more about Tech International Business can give you greater opportunities to start a new career, move up in your current company, or start a business of your own. (Remember results will vary depending on current experience and application of materials).
You can complete all 15 courses in as little as 15 weeks providing you the ability to begin a new career in months instead of years.
Very few people can say they actually love their career. Be the person who stands out from the rest and actually enjoy what you do.
2 Bonuses Included
Bonus Flashcards 02
Pro Article Library 04
Take your digital Flashcards with you "On The Go" so you can stay up-to-date on the latest in Tech International Business. You can view them on your smartphone, tablet, computer or other device.
You'll receive a 5-year subscription to the Pro Article Database when you enroll in the course. This $97 per month value includes articles on Tech International Business as well as other articles on related business topics.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can beginners take this course?
Yes. The course is designed for beginner and intermediate Tech International Business individuals who may or may not have a business background. Some advanced and experienced business individuals may also enjoy the materials for added learning or to freshen up on past education.

Is certification required?
No. However, we highly recommend it–especially if you’re planning to be hired at an existing business, working toward a promotion, or want to start your own business. Plus the included certification is a $297 Value.

Do I need any special equipment?
The only required equipment is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

Do I need to purchase any study materials?
No. All study materials are included in the cost of the course.

Do I need special computer skills?
Only basic computer skills. If you can turn on a computer & check email you should be okay.

Do I have to attend classes in person?
All classes, lectures, videos, tutorials, texts, & tutoring are online. This saves you time, money, and travel.

Will this course transfer to my college?
It depends on your school. We recommend you contact them before enrolling if this is of interest to you. Accrediting organizations are privately owned (not government) and vary among schools, colleges, universities, institutes, etc.
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